Introduction to our Hot Springs

History of Shida Spa

The area including Shida Spa was once called “Shiobagaya (or Shonbaagi in a local accent)* [Shio = salt] Because of its high salinity, local agriculture proved unsuccessful. However, a rumour suggesting that, when this saline water is heated and used for taking a bath, it has beneficial effects on skin, etc. became widely known, and in 1885, the spring was approved for the use as a bath.

Introduction of our hot spring baths

We have two in-house hot spring baths, in bathing rooms named “Matsu” and “Ume”.

The source spring, which naturally flows at a temperature of 19ºC, is heated in our premises via a heat-exchange method and then provided on a free-flow basis without any additives. The water quality is categorized as an alkaline saline spring.

Many of our guests complement us on the wonderful hot spring at our inn, and we often receive comments describing the experience as “Very refreshing after a long soak in a the warm, therapeutic water”.

Spring quality

Sodium monochloride cold mineral spring (hyperoncotic, neutral, cold mineral spring)

Beneficial for

Neuralgia(nerve pain), muscular pain, arthritic pain, stiff shoulder due to age (frozen shoulder syndrome), motor function palsy, stiff joints, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, excessive sensitivity to cold (poor circulation), convalescence, fatigue convalescence, general health promotion, cuts and scrapes, mild burns, chronic skin disease, physically weak children, chronic female disorders


06:00 - 23:00 every day

Matsu Bath

Ume Bath

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